Amsterdam vrijdag 29 mei 2020
Bruschetta Gravad Lax Marinated salmon, cream of celeriac, horseradish mayonnaise, fired apple 7,75
Bruschetta Caprese Dutch mozzarella, tomato chutney, basil and olive oil 7,75
Bruschetta Chicken Smoked chicken, tomato relish, salad, mayonnaise of roasted bell pepper and ginger 7,75
Patatas al Forno Roasted Roseval potatoes with rosemary, thyme, roasted garlic, olive oil and served with aļoli 4,50
Chicken Legs Marinated chicken legs with spicy aļoli 6,00
"Ossenworst" (Dutch raw sausage) served with mustard 4,50
Olives Marinated olives 4,50
Nachos Served with cheese, relish, tomato sauce, crčme fraiche and guacamole 7,00
Trio dip bread with three dips 7,50
Bread with aļoli 4,50
Bread with hummus of roasted bell pepper 4,50
Bread with rocket pesto 4,50
Bread with olive oil 4,50
Festina Soup North African lentil soup with vegetables 5,50
Soup of the Day Chef's choice/Daily price
Antipasto misto a platter of mixed fingerfood 15,00

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