Amsterdam woensdag 16 augustus 2017
Croissant with butter and jam 2,50
Festina's vitamin bomb fresh fruit shake 4,50
Festina breakfast croissant with jam and butter, coffee & fresh orange juice 7,50
Peanutbutter sandwich with homemade peanutbutter and/or sambal/cucumber/jam - starting at 2,50
Yoghurt with homemade granola and fresh fruit 4,50
French toast 4,00
Srambled eggs with bacon, green peas and parsley 7,50
Huevos Rancheros Tortilla with poached egg on beans in tomatosauce 7,00
Toasted sandwich cheese/ham/tomato - starting at 3,25
brie, leek, appel and black pepper 3,75
Festina's club sandwich smoked beef filet, matured cheese, truffle mayonnaise 8,50
Aged cheese with butter letuce, mustard dressing, cucumber and tomato 6,00
Coppa di parma with salad of roasted bell pepper ,sauerkraut, gremolata and shallot 7,50
Grilled chicken thigh with butter letuce, parseley red onion, anchovies mayonnaise 7,50
Vitello tonnato thinly sliced veal with tuna mayonnaise and capers 8,00
Smoked salmon with salad of baby potato and horseradish creme fraiche 8,00
Provolone radicchio, arugula and apple walnut chutney 7,00
Caprese Dutch mozzarella, tomato and basil 7,50
Festina Soup spicy soup of roasted red peppers and tomato 5,00
Soup of the day 5,00
Pumkin salad with mushrooms, goat's cheese, tarragon and serranoham 8,50
Festina Lente Salad with artichokes, truffle oil, arugula and parmesan cheese 8,00
Apple pie 5,00
Cheesecake 6,00

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